Syphilinum nosode

Syphilinum Common Name: Syphilitic virus - a nosode Symptoms: Syphilinum acts well in individuals having the following symptoms: History of chancre which was treated with a local application, resulting in skin and throat complaints that lasted for years; Caries and destruction of the nasal bone with septal perforation and foetid discharge.

The “Luesinum Syphilinum” sound healing formula is a simulation of the homeopathic remedy. It addresses the Syphilitic Virus – A Nosode. The “Luesinum Syphilinum” healing sound is a first-rate alternative treatment with best results shown when used for 5 minutes twice daily. Please refer to the user instructions and disclaimer upon.

Nosodes are remedies made with dangerous noxious materials as a basis for a potentized remedy to treat disease. Constantine Hering (a student of Hahnemann) was the first one to study the actions of the mineral, plant and animal remedies and was the first person to test the animal poisons and nosodes in human beings.




Syphilinum (Lueticum) The next common nosode used is Syphilinum. There are certain type of cases with indications for Syphilinum (apart from a definitive syphilitic history). But where there is a syphilitic history, particularly in the history of the patient, it is more than likely that a dose of will be needed during the course of treatment..

Select Your Nosode Remedy offers your convenience of choosing nosodes not listed online. Purchase the quantity needed. After shopping basket check out, type the remedy name(s) in the Comment Box located above your shipping information. 30C is the default potency. You may request 200C potency. 30C and 200C are common nosode potencies.

Syphilinum treatment for Respiratory ailments: Aphonia; chronic asthma in summer, wheezing and rattling (Tart emet). Cough dry, hard; worse at night; windpipe sensitive to touch (Lach). Lancinating pains from base of heart to apex at night. Syphilinum treatment for Skin ailments: Reddish-brown eruption, with a disagreeable odor.