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For more information on changing your website cursors with CSS, please refer to this MDN article. Preview doesn't work in safari after switching emoji, but copied CSS should still work. Two or three text characters can be used instead of an emoji. Use the fill option in the SVG source to change the text colour. Thanks to CoderPi for the.




Select basic SVG elements; coordinates are relative to the origin (the top-left corner of the SVG viewport). While most HTML elements can have children, most SVG elements cannot. One exception is the group element <g>, which we can use in order to apply CSS styles and transformations to multiple elements at once.

A custom cursor is when you use CSS’ URL function to load a custom cursor image. The browser will then load the cursor image and apply it in place of your OS cursor any place the cursor is declared. Hover your cursor in this area to see a custom CSS cursor example. I’m unsure if the ability to load a custom cursor is a 90s throwback, or an.

The cursor CSS property sets the mouse cursor, if any, to show when the mouse pointer is over an element. The cursor setting should inform users of the mouse operations that can be performed at the current location, including: text selection, activating help or context menus, copying content, resizing tables, and so on.